Sunday, 31 May 2015

Press freedom, 2015

Source: Freedom House 2015

In Europe: shame on Italy, Greece, Hungary, the Balkan states (with the exception of Slovenia), Bulgaria and Romenia. Danger in Turkey.

In Africa: well done, Ghana!

In northern Africa: Improvement in Tunisia. Danger in Algeria, Libya and Egypt.

In Sub-Saharan Africa:
-In the 'not free states', improvement in the CAR, Somalia, Togo and Zimbabwe, and danger in South Sudan.
-In the 'partly free states', improvement in Guinea-Bissau and Madagascar, and danger in South Africa.

In the Middle East: Israel is 'free'. Lebanon and Kuwait are the only states to be 'partly free'. Danger in Iraq.

In South America: terrible  Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Danger in Peru.

In Asia: Danger for Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

In Eurasia: Critical in Azerbaidjan. Improvement in Ukraine.

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