Sunday, 8 March 2015

Gender and race discrimination at universities

 Source of photo: Wikimedia commons.


Undergraduates: 50.3 per cent of students at the top 400 institutions are women.

Postgraduates: FemalePhD graduates equal or outnumber men in all fields of study, except for science, mathematics and computing (40 per cent), and engineering, manufacturing and construction (26 per cent).


In Turkey, 47.5 per cent of staff at the top five universities are female.
In the US and Sweden, the figure is 36 per cent.
In the UK (48 institutions in the survey mentioned in The Times Higher Education), women make up 35 per cent of academic personnel.
Only 31 per cent of academics are women in Norway and Denmark.
The widest gender gap is in Japan: only 12.7 per cent of the academics at the country’s top-rated universities are women.

In general, women represent 43 per cent of academics in the arts and humanities, 38.5 per cent in the social sciences, 19 per cent in the physical sciences and 15.6 per cent in engineering and technology.

In the UK: out of 18,500 professors, 85 are black and 17 are black women.

Table. Proportions of men and women in a typical academic career, students and academic staff, EU-27, 2002-2010

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